DEF CON 29 Kali HHV live CD torrents are live!

by kbembedded

23 June 2021

With DEF CON 29 quickly approaching, we’ve locked in to place our official Kali HHV live images and have begun distribution via bittorrent. If you are unfamilar or unaware of this, we’ve forked Offensive Security’s Kali Linux image builder. We used this opportunity to cram as much hardware hacking goodness that we could in to a DVD sized image. This allows us to give out and use our own live CD that has nearly all of the hardware hacking tools one could need during DEF CON. And, since it’s based on the existing Kali Linux framework, it has all of the features one would expect from a security focused live CD.

We will have a limited amount of discs to hand out during DEF CON. They are nothing special or limited edition, I only have so many blank DVD-R discs on hand. Because of the limited amount, we wanted to get the ISOs out in to the world early for people to grab and set up on their own.

Interested in building your own, suggest new packages, add more packages, or just want to learn more about this project? You can find the source repo here.

Note that we will keep seeding these torrents up until and through DEF CON. After August 11th, 2021 however, these may just disappear without warning.


The HHV variant is a customized Kali variant created by us. It uses XFCE4 as the GUI. It includes all of the standard Kali boot features (memtest, install to disk, live, live forensic mode, USB persist, etc.), all of the WiFi device firmware that is in kali-rolling at time of build, and a whole lot of utilities for hardware and embedded device hacking. It weighs in at about 3.8 GB, so it fits nicely on a standard DVD or 4 GB USB flash drive with room to spare. We built both i386 and amd64 CPU variants and have made torrents of them available below.

SHA256 (kali-linux-rolling-live-hhv-amd64-20210619.iso) = b63177b3af4190b8acab196662d9ae34c1bd776b47ff56ab5269d79d7aabe766

SHA256 (kali-linux-rolling-live-hhv-i386-20210625.iso) = c8dfc380890263dbc932141e7884d889e3672f568bd6595e0d99de7e8225123d

KALI LINUX™ is a trademark of Offensive Security.

The KALI LINUX™ logo and name for this project are used with permission from Offensive Security and may not be re-used without written permission from Offensive Security.

Disc images created may not be produced or distributed commercially (whether or not it is for profit) without written permission of Offensive Security.

This project is not produced or sponsored by Offensive Security, it was created by DEF CON Hardware Hacking Village volunteers.