Call for Papers

Talks/Demos/Hands-on Workshops

Call for papers for DEF CON 27 is open through June 15th!

We want to give you a platform to talk on! Have a cool hack you want to show off? Want to teach something awesome? Feel like blabbering on in front of a crowd? Let us know!

We’re most interested in the following:

Not sure if your presentation falls in those categories? Make a submission anyway!

Submit your information here!

Become a Volunteer

The DEF CON Hardware Hacking Village is entirely staffed by volunteers. A small group of us work year-round to bring you the awesome things we do for those few days over DEF CON. We have volunteers behind the table and walking around in the area to help out however we can. We love to teach others and learn new things.

If this sounds fun to you, then consider volunteering your time in the HHV!