Special Announcement for DEF CON 26!

by kbembedded

30 June 2018

The culture of hacking is always changing; the people, the mindset, even the clothes. The DEF CON Hardware Hacking Village was established for DC16 and celebrated its 10th anniversary at DC25. While we have strived to provide the best resource for everyone, we feel that we have fallen behind in the last few years. This is mostly due to the strained resource of the HHV, the majestic soldering iron. Even though we maintain a large amount of irons, it has not been enough to keep up with demand. While soldering is an important skill, the hardware hacker’s tool belt contains more than the soldering iron and the HHV’s goal is to teach and provide this broad spectrum of tools. To accommodate this, the HHV is branching in to two independent groups.

Announcing new for DEF CON 26, the Soldering Skills Village! The SSV will focus purely on soldering and making at DEF CON while the HHV will focus on bringing more hardware hacking resources than ever before!

The change-up is beneficial for everyone, it means both villages can get quiet and well-lit spaces. It also means the two volunteer groups can better support the DEF CON community in their own ways. Both villages will maintain an open share of knowledge and volunteers between them. The SSV and HHV will coexist at DEF CON and provide the most that they can to all DEF CON attendees!

Happy Hacking!