Hackfest 2020 Challenge

Hackfest 2020 HHV Challenge

We’re back with a new challenge for Hackfest 2020! We hope this challenge will lead you to uncover a new tool, or learn how to use an old tool in a new way! A dissassembler is a great tool to have in your hacker toolbelt, and reversing microcontoller firmware is a fantastic way to learn how to use it!

This is part of a series of challenges, it is recommended that you complete the first 5 challenges to build up to this one. If you’re curious about the other HHV happenings as part of Hackfest, you can find the schedule here.

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun! If you’ve enjoyed these and/or have ideas for future HHV challenges, please reach out! We’d love to have more collaborators for next year!

If you need help, check out #hhv-challenge-text and #hhv-meetups-a-voice in the Hackfest Discord Server. Come on in and ask for advice at any time, but there are also specific discussions on the challenges happening at 1700 EST on November 20th, and again at 1100 EST on November 21st in aforementioned channels.

Challenge 6

These small devices seem to be all over. The latest is much smaller, but encased in some sort of epoxy, so we’re unable to access the traces to the 7-segment display. As expected, the display is flashing far too fast for us to read, BUT while analyzing the device, we could make out ATTiny84 on the IC label, and there was a debug port in which we were able to dump the firmware! Can you help us figure out what was on that 7-segment display?

Challenge 6 Firmware