Bring the Other Half

If you only have half of a project, what good is it? It has been said that software is eating the world; but how good is that software without the equally important half, the hardware? The HHV will be presenting you with a compiled firmware blob and your job will be to make something cool happen with that firmware.

The chipset that the binary is for is an ATMega 168. A beta version of a binary will be available in the next week or two. You have 3 months to plan, obtain, and assemble your hardware thing. More details about the firmware (including a beta version of it) will be released leading up to the CON. Final firmware will available to load on-site at the HHV and if there is interest online here.

The scoring will be based on the following:

As usual, any and all actions that impress the judges have the potential to cause exceptions and additional points.

Details will continue to be posted here. Check back for more information as DEF CON approaches.