Make Your 0wn Use Contest

Have you taken your IoT toaster and created a remote activated fire-alarm tester? How about that old toy your kids (right, it was for the kids?) don’t play with anymore that now fuzzes your neighbor’s drone? Or what about putting that con badge to good use? The Hardware Hacking Village is hosting a “Make Your 0wn Use” contest. Submissions can be a solo or team based project that bend, mend, or repurpose any device and show others how it can be done.

Submissions will require the following details:

  1. Submitter / Team name
  2. Project name
  3. MYOU entry category:
    • Repairing a closed device
    • Adding an unintended feature to a device
    • Bypassing/breaking product security
    • Other (describe and justify)
  4. Describe the device before you Made Your 0wn Use
  5. Describe why you Made Your 0wn Use
  6. Describe the device after you have Made Your 0wn Use
  7. Describe how you made the modifications (links to project log with photos would be best!)
  8. And of course the end product: Bring it for judging during DEF CON 30

If you can’t or won’t bring your project to DEF CON 30 (for whatever reason) we still would love to hear about it, please make a submission! We will share some project photos and information on social media! But you will be ineligible for the competition, sorry :(

You can complete your submission by printing this form and submitting it at DEF CON 30.

The scoring will be based on the following:

As usual, any and all actions that impress the judges have the potential to cause exceptions and additional points.

Details will be continue to be posted here. Check back for more information as DEF CON approaches.