Robo Sumo

If you have never participated in a Robo Sumo event before, welcome to the crowd! There are a number of resources online on this topic. We are lucky enough to have Pololu as a local resource. Their office is a short distance from the strip. They have have robots and parts to make robots. They can ship to your hotel if desired. Put something together and bring it down to show off and shove other bots around.

We will have a couple units available (Pololu Zumo 32U4 Robots - Arduino compatible) to accept your code, so if nothing else bring some advanced AI goodness.

The ring and bots will be available anytime during the times the village is open. Stop by and test out your bot / code and see how it will do!


  1. This is a Mini Sumo class event, robots must fit in a 10x10 cm square box, but can be as tall as you like. Weight can’t be more than 500 g.
  2. All robots must be autonomous. Any control mechanisms can be employed, as long as all components are contained within the robot and the mechanism does not interact with an external control system (human, machine, or otherwise).
  3. At all times, robot behavior must be non-destructive and non-harmful to humans, robots, and the facilities. This is an immutable principle, even if the behavior is unintentional or not by design.
  4. Robots are set in the ring and sent a signal to start, and must wait 5 seconds before starting to move.
  5. A match can go up to 3 bouts. Robots should try to push one another out of the ring. The winner will get one point for each bout won. If neither succeeds in a given time, it is considered a draw and both get a point. First to 2 points wins the match.
  6. The competition is single elimination.
  7. The ring will be available for anyone before and after the official rounds.
  8. This is supposed to be fun. If you make it not fun, we reserve the right to boot you. Judges decisions on this are final.
  9. This is a hacker conference. Any and all actions that impress the judges have potential to be rewarded.