Robo Sumo is Back!

by tieshort

10 July 2018

We are proud to be hosting another round of Robo Sumo this year. We have posted the rules for this year.

We are also putting in a category for Hebocon. Being DEF CON, we’re sure people can slap some servos and wiring on to any old piece of gear laying around in order to make a battle-ready monstrosity.

Last year Robo Sumo rounds started on Friday around noon. We will be moving that back a bit, to mid-afternoon. The ring will be available all weekend for experimentation and play. Weigh-ins and size check time will be announced at the con, but the equipment will be available starting Friday morning for those that want to check where they sit.

Those of you who may have trouble with the TSA (you know who you are), we will have a couple of Zumo bots from Polulu to available to participate with. Last year’s champion borrowed a laptop and programmed a borrowed host with some sample code, strapped a wall wart to the top for weight, and marched to victory. You too could join these ranks of greatness!

Hebocon will be Saturday afternoon. We are excited to see what you can come up with!