DEF CON 30 HHV - Homecoming Activities

by tieshort

11 April 2022

DEF CON 30 is fast approaching! We are busy working on details! This year’s theme of Homecoming has cast our minds back to the start of the HHV, where everything that happened was because attendees (read: members of our community) brought cool things to share. We always have enjoyed and encouraged the awesome items that result from the tools and skills that the HHV provides and helps develop.

In order to bring that homespun goodness back into center stage, we are excited to announce a number of new activities and contests to participate in.

Make Your 0wn Use

HHV Rube Goldberg Machine

Bring the Other Half

Each of these are designed to help you explore and share that hardware mad scientist side. We are giving you some heads up so that you can plan and bring awesomeness.

We are looking forward to hearing about your progress and to seeing what you bring!

There will be more information and activities to come. Keep your eyes on twitter, DEF CON Forums, and here as the CON approaches.